Archer is a leading workover contractor in Argentina. Underpinned by experience, dedication and an outstanding record for safety and efficiency, the Archer workover teams currently operate more than 20 mobile land units.

Through our wholly owned subsidiaries, the DLS group of companies, Archer’s Workover division has provided workover services to operators in Argentina, Bolivia and other regions for more than 45 years.

DLS offers a complete range of integrated Drilling, completion and well services for the entire well lifecycle, from well construction to decommissioning, supported by laboratory and technical support provided by our team of experienced technical personnel, who has been extensively trained in operations, safety and environmental protection, management and control, and maintenance.

For DLS, providing a safe and environmentally sound working environment for all its employees, customers and other stakeholders is a core value, and nothing takes precedence over this commitment. Management is accountable to demand the highest level of performance in Safety, Health and Environment, employing a continuous improvement system certified to international standards and by committing all pertinent resources for the implementation of this policy.

DLS is the first drilling, completion and workover contractor in Argentina to have developed a certified ISO 9001:2015 management system. Service quality is based on policies and practices aimed at achieving excellence from both human and technical resources providing the services, through emphasis on:

  • Safe operations and environmental protection
  • Ongoing training for personnel at all levels
  • Updating of equipment and operating techniques
  • Cost efficiency


Neuquén – Argentina

Juan Ogando

Operations Director, DLS Archer NQN
Cel: +54 9 299 609 8155


Jorge Patiño

Commercial Director, Land Drilling
Cel: +54 9 11 5489 4693

Comodoro Rivadavia – Argentina

Jorge Castillo

Operations Director, DLS Argentina CRD
Cel: +54 9 297 448 0794

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Juan Marcos Magnoni

Commercial Manager, DLS Argentina
Cel: +54 9 11 53151622


Lidio Gareca

Operations Manager, Archer Bolivia
Cel: +59 1 7 136 9550

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