Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2020 was undoubtedly a different year, with uncertainties and constant challenges. We managed to go through it and overcome it thanks to the Energy that never stopped. Today we invite…
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December 13th – Petroleum Day

Thanks to all who are part of this Industry, working with effort and commitment so that Energy never stops. Today, December 13tht, we celebrate Petroleum Day. #EXCELLENCEDLS2020
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Archer’s “Clean Beaches” Initiative

In this opportunity we want to share with you the initiative “Clean Beaches” that the Archer company did. Archer employees and their families participated in this project and got together…
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We are our values

We are convinced that reaching excellence is possible, only threw our company values. Our values guide us, strengthen us and reach all of us who are part of this organization.…
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Positive Performance Recognition

Last Friday we celebrated the Positive Performance Recognition Program, which aims to reward collaborators of different areas of the Organization which have stood out during the last semester, contributing to…
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